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ABOUt Samano/SAra Nordgren

Sara webb.jpg

Sara Nordgren b1977 is a swedish fiber artist and graphic designer at Samano Form.


Born and raised in Kalix, Norrbotten, now based in Mariefred, Södermanland.


As an artist Sara has a strong sense of the possibilities of the material and her art is characterized by poetry and a special care in terms of expression, materiality and content. The textile craft is a starting point and the colors of Norrbottnian nature are closest to the heart.

Sara also works with graphic design of patterns and logos. The graphic design is often minimalistic and characterized by simplification and repetition, an interest in picking a detail out of context.


For many years Sara has also been a member of the design group ÄRVA (Inherit), who works under the motto "design with conscience".




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